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Pregnancy Testing

“Think you may be Pregnant?” Schedule a Pregnancy Test Visit. Early diagnosis of pregnancy is very important for the health of both the mother and the fetus. Please call us at 518-719-3580 and make an appointment for a pregnancy testing.

What is a pregnancy test visit and what to expect.

The goals of pregnancy testing at Greene County Family Planning are to diagnose pregnancy early, diagnose any health problems that may have adverse effects on the client’s health, or which may be life threatening such as ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, help pregnant women access appropriate medical care and offer information needed to make informed decisions.



Neutral options counseling (pregnancy counseling without bias) is available to patients.



Clients planning to carry their pregnancies to term should be given information about good health practices during early pregnancy, especially those which serve to protect the fetus during the first three months.

Client’s will be given information about nutrition, including the importance of folic acid for the prevention of neural tube defects, the importance of avoiding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, and HIV and other STI prevention information. The risks associated with x-rays, accutane (a medication used to treat acne) and other causes of birth defects will be explained.


For clients with a negative pregnancy diagnosis

The cause of delayed menses should be investigated. If ectopic (tubal) pregnancy is suspected, you must be referred for immediate diagnosis and therapy.

If you are found NOT to be pregnant are given information about the availability of contraceptive and infertility services, as appropriate.

Additional Testing Options

Clients will be offered HIV and other sexually transmitted infection testing and referrals or treatment if appropriate. Sexually transmitted infections including HIV can cause very serious harm to the developing fetus. Treatment of sexually transmitted infections including HIV during pregnancy can reduce the chance of harm to the fetus. To learn more about HIV and other sexually transmitted infection testing click on the following links:

Find out more information about HIV testing >

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Clients will be screened for domestic violence, given HIV pretest counseling and offered HIV testing, given information about the Family Planning Extension Program and given a HIPAA notice.