The Greene County Probation Department is a county agency, established pursuant to Article 12 of the N.Y.S. Executive Law, under the supervision of the Greene County Legislature and the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services/Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives.

The department has a full-time staff of thirteen, which consists of 11 sworn staff: the Director, two  Supervisors, three Senior  Officers, five  Officers, and two  Assistants.  All of the department’s sworn staff are New York State certified peace officers.

The department is charged with ensuring community safety by providing intake, supervision, and investigation functions for the local criminal, family, and county court systems. In addition to office reporting, supervision includes contacts with the offenders at their residences, which may occur at all hours, any day of the week.

The department also oversees the county’s community service program, which allows eligible offenders the opportunity to avoid a possible jail term by performing community service work for a public or non-profit agency.

In conjunction with the Greene County Sheriff’s Department/S.T.O.P. (Special Traffic Options Program)-DWI, the Probation Department runs a DWI Victim Impact Panel, which requires DWI offenders to participate at least once and pay a fee for doing so. Speakers at the panel include the District Attorney, crime victims of DWI offenses, and offenders.

The department also co- facilitates, with a licensed psychologist, weekly Sex Offender treatment groups.

The Probation Department serves as the designated restitution collection agency for the county, collecting restitution from criminal court defendants and family court respondents and distributing same to those they have victimized.

As of May 1, 2021 the department is supervising 229 adults in convicted/adjudicated status, of which 95 are felons and 134 misdemeanants; 7 adults in pre-trial status, of which 5 are for felonies and 2 are for misdemeanors; and 23 juveniles. Of the 23 juveniles, 3 (all juvenile delinquents) are at the court diversion stage; 6 (5 JD & 1 PINS) have been petitioned into court and are at the pre-dispositional supervision stage; and 15 (5 JD, 10 PINS) are under supervision following Family Court adjudication and formal probation placement.

The Greene County Probation Department recognizes the importance of sustained employment for individuals under community supervision. Employment provides individuals a means to self-sufficiency and the ability to support their families, as well as the capacity to structure their time in positive ways. Probation also understands the needs of area employers and their ability to ask questions of probation officers about work schedules and other work environment related issues. Accordingly, the Greene County Probation Department has designated a Probation Employment Liaison Officer to communicate with area employers.

Please feel free to contact Probation Officer Felicia Walters at 518-719-3200 if you are an area employer who has any general questions about probation conditions relating to employment, employment opportunities for individuals on probation, or any other employment-related concerns. 

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Alan Frisbee
Alan Frisbee
Probation Director