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Greene County Mission Statement

The mission of Greene County, NY is to meet the needs of our residents and our communities in the most cost-effective and direct methods available that support the vision.


Greene County will engage in activities which are designed to protect and enhance the lives of the diverse population found in this County in ways that are compassionate, creative, and ethical within the financial capabilities of its residents.

To this end, the mission of the Greene County Government is to:

  • Allocate fiscal resources consistent with our vision, goals, policies and community needs;
  • Encourage open and honest communication;
  • Initiate dialog on the needs of the County;
  • Welcome constructive input as to direction, initiatives, and services;
  • Enact policies that enhance the economic opportunity and well-being of all;
  • Install policies that safeguard health, safety, and rights;
  • Use policies that prevent the need for more costly future services;
  • Encourage and support programs that strengthen families and communities, and that enhance our quality of life;
  • Use a well-trained, diverse workforce of employees, qualified contractors, and volunteers;
  • Provide adequate personnel , financial, facility, and information support to approved programs;
  • Produce a balanced budget that supports our vision, mission, and goals;
  • Carry out the mandates of state and federal governments;
  • Act as a resource and partner for other local governments. and;
  • Respond flexibly and responsibly, in a timely manner, to emerging needs and changing trends.