The Sheriff’s Office provides a multitude of services to the residents of Greene County and its visitors.

  • We have a radio dispatched Road Patrol, which patrols the county in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies in the county. Responding to 911 calls, accidents, and answering complaints. Also patrolling the roads in the county, ready to assist any motorist or traveler in need, and to work on a multitude of traffic safety issues.
  • Civil Office offers services needed for income execution, serving legal papers, evictions, and a number of other civil transactions.
  • Our marine patrol is patrolling the Hudson, we currently have three vessels utilized for marine patrol.
  • The department provides security in the Greene County Office Building in Catskill, and also in the Greene County Mental Health Building in Cairo. The Deputies ensure your safety when you visit these locations, and are available for information and directions.
  • Greene County Jail is also an important part of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. We are housing about fifty inmates, and the Greene County Jail is receiving inmates from all the courts in the county. Inmates are normally remanded to the Greene County Jail to await trial. After trial the inmate might stay in the county jail if the sentence imposed is a year or less, or he or she will be remanded to the care of the New York State Corrections.

Criminal Investigations Unit

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Unit currently has (3) Full-time Investigators and (2) Part-time Investigators.  The Criminal Investigations Unit is responsible for a variety of Felony and Misdemeanor investigations including Robberies, Burglaries, Larcenies, Sex Crimes and Drug Investigations.  The Criminal Investigations Unit is also tasked with executing warrants as well as conducting background investigations on all potential county employees before they are hired.  The Criminal Investigations Unit is also responsible for the tracking of Sex Offenders in Greene County ensuring that they are properly registered with New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services and are up to date with the mandatory annual verification process which gives Law Enforcement the most up to date information on each Sex Offenders whereabouts and activities within Greene County.

How Do I?

Contact Info
Greene County Sheriff Civil Office
at County Clerks Office, 411 Main Street, Catskill, NY 12414
t. 518-943-3300
f. 518-943-6832
Peter J. Kusminsky
Peter J. Kusminsky
Greene County Sheriff