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Greene Broadband

“Access to Broadband Internet is as important to our rural Greene County communities today as access to electricity was 100 years ago – It’s essential to how we live, work and learn.”

Patrick S. Linger, Chair – Greene County Legislature

Our Greene County Broadband Initiative

Greene County initiated a broadband and cellular communications project to identify households and businesses without access to fiber or coaxial broadband service and to formulate a technical solution and its estimated cost to providing service.

Greene County contracted with ECC Technologies, Inc. (ECC) to perform a broadband study by obtaining provider infrastructure data and where necessary conduct an inventory of existing fiber optic, coaxial assets and other broadband supporting infrastructure within Greene County, New York. This study relates to the need for broadband is expanded across the county to meet businesses and households needs.

The purpose of the study was to accurately identify areas of the County that are lacking in broadband infrastructure. In addition, the data collected from this effort will be able to be used in future next steps to develop a technological solution to address the lack of broadband in unserved and underserved areas of the County, and obtain partners and funding to address these issues.

The inventory project included the collection of field infrastructure from various providers and a spot check field inventory of existing broadband infrastructure, namely the fiber optic, coaxial cable, and tower infrastructure. ECC’s Outside Plant (OSP) team drove a sample of the roads in the County and to the extent possible, physically identified, validated, and documented existing broadband infrastructure.

The County is described in terms of existing fiber, coaxial and tower infrastructure, and potential fiber and wireless-based broadband access. ECC has identified the different broadband providers in the area and describes their current levels of fiber infrastructure. ECC along with Greene County’s Office of Real Property Tax Service has created maps documenting, to the extent possible, the fiber, coax, and tower infrastructure in the County.

ECC Technologies also worked with Greene County New York to develop and deploy ECC’s Broadband Availability and Assessment Toolkit in the County.

The BAAT includes a Speed test component, which helps in the assessment of the identification of “speeds” of non-mobile respondents who are online via DSL, broadband, or those who are accessing the device via a mobile device.

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Previously Awarded Project in Greene County

The Greene County Legislature previously partnered with local Internet providers who received over $18 million in state grant funding through the three year NYS Broadband Program with a total investment of $25 million. This funding went entirely to providers to significantly expand access across the county. This effort is another push to eliminate coverage gaps across the county, and the support of the legislature will put Greene County in the best position to access Federal and State funding available as part of pandemic recovery legislation.

View Greene County Awarded Funds Map

Our Industry Partners

Find Out More about Broadband Services available from the companies serving Greene County homes and businesses by clicking on the images below.

State TelState Tel is based in Coxsackie NY, and provides Fiberoptic Broadband in the Greene County towns along the Hudson River, as well as DSL service via its phone lines. See State Tel Coverage by location
Mid-Hudson CableMid-Hudson provides service to zip codes in the towns of Ashland, Athens, Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie, Durham, Greenville, New Baltimore and Windham. See Mid-Hudson Coverage by location
Margaretville Telephone CompanyMTC provides connectivity to Catskill Mountain towns in the southwest corner of Greene County including Halcott, Lexington and parts of Jewett. See MTC Coverage by Location
SpectrumSpectrum is a National provider that covers multiple states. In Greene County, service is available in the towns of Hunter and Jewett. See Spectrum Coverage by Location

New York State Broadband Resources

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Federal Broadband Resources

The Federal Communications Commission Administers the Affordable Connectivity Program

Eligible Households Can Sign Up for Up to $30 Monthly Credit for Broadband Service

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