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“Access to Broadband Internet is as important to our rural Greene County communities today as access to electricity was 100 years ago – It’s essential to how we live, work and learn.”

Patrick S. Linger, Chair – Greene County Legislature

Our Greene County Broadband Initiative

After the completion of a comprehensive County Broadband Study which included a Broadband Availability and Adoption Survey, and following a Request for Proposals released by the County on June 10, 2022, soliciting proposals for the installation of high-speed Internet to unserved areas of the County, Greene County is excited to announce that it is awarding funds to three local Internet Service Providers (Mid-Hudson Cablevision, Margaretville Telephone Company, and Charter Communications). 

Greene County has taken a proactive and unique approach to ensuring all addresses in Greene County have access to high-speed Internet. In this public/private partnership three local ISPs will construct high-speed Internet providing access to all existing addresses on unserved roads within the County.

In this unique public/private partnership the County is contributing $2.2 million dollars from the Federal American Rescue Plan Act that will fund the installation of high-speed fiber Internet to approximately 1,400 addresses and 112 miles of unserved roads. The County’s contribution will fund the most difficult last-mile roads. The ISPs will continue to build out roads with high-speed Internet in their normal course of business to approximately 725 addresses and 47 miles of road. With the completion of this effort, virtually all existing Greene County addresses that currently have electric service (on-grid) will have access to High-Speed Internet. The County’s RFP solicited proposals in defined target areas across the County with the majority of unserved roads concentrated on the mountaintop, particularly portions of the Towns of Catskill, Durham, Windham, Ashland, and Prattsville.  

Following the awards, the County will prepare contracts with each of the three ISPs which will include a timeframe for construction activities. It is anticipated that the ISPs will continue their existing network extensions as well as the build-out of fiber optic cables with the County funds during the 2023 and 2024 construction seasons. The construction schedule is largely dictated by the “make ready” requirements of the local utility companies, which includes, engineering, surveying, licensing, and pole replacements. Construction may also be impacted by today’s challenges regarding supplies, inflation, and labor.  

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Previously Awarded Project in Greene County

The Greene County Legislature previously partnered with local Internet providers who received over $18 million in state grant funding through the three year NYS Broadband Program with a total investment of $25 million. This funding went entirely to providers to significantly expand access across the county. This effort is another push to eliminate coverage gaps across the county, and the support of the legislature will put Greene County in the best position to access Federal and State funding available as part of pandemic recovery legislation.

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Our Industry Partners

Find Out More about Broadband Services available from the companies serving Greene County homes and businesses by clicking on the images below.

State Tel State Tel is based in Coxsackie NY, and provides Fiberoptic Broadband in the Greene County towns along the Hudson River, as well as DSL service via its phone lines. See State Tel Coverage by location
Mid-Hudson Cable Mid-Hudson provides service to zip codes in the towns of Ashland, Athens, Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie, Durham, Greenville, New Baltimore and Windham. See Mid-Hudson Coverage by location
Margaretville Telephone Company MTC provides connectivity to Catskill Mountain towns in the southwest corner of Greene County including Halcott, Lexington and parts of Jewett. See MTC Coverage by Location
Spectrum Spectrum is a National provider that covers multiple states. In Greene County, service is available in the towns of Hunter and Jewett. See Spectrum Coverage by Location

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