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Weights and Measures

Local Greene County weights and measures officials work behind the scenes to protect consumers, businesses, and manufacturers from unfair practices.

The Weights and Measures Inspector does much more than just check packages. He or she may be found at any given time in a working day, checking the accuracy of such things as the scales and other measuring instruments in the supermarket, hardware, drug, or department store, the neighborhood gas station – Almost every weighing and measuring device that affects your pocketbook.

Inspecting fuel oil companies, scrap and precious metal dealers, vehicle scales, unit pricing verification, even firewood and the calibration of farm milk tanks are among the many services this Department provides

If you, as a consumer direct an inquiry to this Department, you will receive a prompt reply to your inquiry.

This Department insures that consumers get what they pay for!

Contact Info
Greene County Department of Weights and Measures
P.O. Box 282, Leeds, NY 12451
t. 518-965-5737
Lance Fischer