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Get Emergency Contraception


To get Emergency Contraception walk-in during office hours

“I had an OOPs……”

“I forgot to take my birth control pill”

“The condom broke “

“I don’t know what happened”

 “I was sexually assaulted

If this is you, you might need Emergency Contraception

What Emergency Contraception is, what it is not, and why a person may want to make an emergency contraception visit…

First, here is what it is not!

  • It is NOT a method of abortion and it will not cause an abortion.
  • It will NOT work if you are already pregnant from a previous sexual encounter and it will NOT cause birth defects to a developing fetus.
  • It is NOT a way to prevent sexually transmitted infections.
  • It does not prevent HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted infections.

What Emergency Contraception IS:

It is a safe and reliable method for prevention of pregnancy after unprotected sex or failure of a birth control method (which often means the person was not using their method correctly).

We have two options available for Emergency Contraception.

Click on the Plan to find out the details.

  • Plan C= Copper IUD
    Plan C is the copper IUD, which can be used to prevent a pregnancy up to five days after unprotected sex. It is 99% effective in preventing a pregnancy.
  • Plan B = One Step Plan B One Step is one hormonal pill that must be taken within 72 hours of the unprotected sex.It is up to 84% effective if taken promptly.

Both of these methods are available for walk in appointments, for more information call our office at 518-719-3580