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Pregnancy Planning

Think ahead for a healthy baby!

What is a Preconception Planning Visit and What to Expect

“Thinking Ahead for a Healthy Baby” is very important. Surely you would like your baby to have the healthiest possible start in life. There are many things both you and your partner can do that will help your baby get off to a healthy start. If you are planning on becoming pregnant now or in the future, call and make an appointment for a preconception planning visit. You will be glad you did!

The purpose of a preconception planning visit is to provide screening and education on pre-pregnancy health to persons who are considering becoming pregnant. The client will be asked to complete a form regarding their current health, their medications, lifestyle, diet and exercise, home environment, medical and family history, and genetic history. The Greene County Family Planning Nurse Practitioner will review the form and make notes on the form. The comments and preprinted health tips are reviewed with the client by the Nurse Practitioner and given to the client.