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Greene County Department of Human Services

Advocates for Greene County Senior Citizens

Our goal and mission are to ensure a network of supportive services to assist Greene County’s senior citizens (those age 60 and older) to maintain their dignity and independence within their communities.

We assist adults 60 and older in maintaining and/or improving their social, economic, health, safety and nutritional status. Our mission is to ensure older adults stay independent for as long as possible and have a network of supportive services in the county.

Youth Services

To help coordinate youth services for children and young people “(birth to 21)” in Greene County, by providing technical assistance to municipalities, private agencies and groups in program development, evaluation, financial planning, program management and training.

Contact Info
Department of Human Services
t. 518-719-3555
f. 518-719-3798
Stephanie Schleuderer
Stephanie Schleuderer
Executive Director