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Board of Ethics

Greene County Board of Ethics

Greene County enacted a Code of Ethics to maintain the highest standards of integrity in the public service.

The major purpose for this Code is the establishment of procedures by which any member of the public may come forward and have considered any allegation or claim of wrongdoing in violation of this Code by any elected or appointed officer or employee of the County or of any member of any Board or Commission of the County. At the same time it is an equally important major purpose of this Code to protect officers and employees of the County against insubstantial or unfounded allegations of violations arising out of the reasonable performance of their duties. This Code shall be in addition to all other restrictions, standards and provisions pertaining to the conduct of county officers and employees.

The Greene County Board of Ethics can only be contacted by mail at the following address: Greene County Board of Ethics, P.O. Box 545, Catskill, New York 12414.

View the Greene County Code of Ethics.