Health Education

The goal of the Greene County Family Planning Education and Outreach Program is to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, while increasing the general reproductive health of all women, men and adolescents.  By fostering factual knowledge about reproductive health issues, our belief is that subsequent behavior change will be positively affected.

Greene County Family Planning strives to improve the health of individuals by partnering with schools, colleges, community- based organizations (CBO’s), faith- based organizations (FBO’s), parent groups, PTSA groups, local government agencies, and other public health providers that work with vulnerable or at risk populations.  We encourage the participation of families, parents, and/or other adults in the role of parenting in the decision of minors to seek family planning services and promote healthy, positive family relationships.

We have started a new peer mentoring program titled “RAPP” – Responsible Adolescent Peer Program. The mission is to recruit student volunteers to be trained as confidential peer counselors/leaders in the schools.

Our Health Educator designs presentations and educational sessions on the basic understanding of reproductive health issues for all levels of education and comprehension and adapts them for specific needs.  The following topics are offered:

  • Family Planning Services Overview
  • Respect Yourself/Protect Yourself
  • STI/HIV education & prevention
  • The Sex, Alcohol, and Drug Connection
  • Condoms & Contraception
  • Abstinence
  • Teen pregnancy prevention
  • Puberty
  • Friendships & Healthy Relationships
  • Parent/Child Communication & Talking to Teens about sex
  • Preconception Health and a Reproductive Life Plan

We offer an interactive approach for ALL presentations to include:  games, power points, DVD’s, videos, discussions, demos, labs, art projects, and role playing.  Please call our Health Educator at 518-719-3581 or email to schedule a session!

Previous comments about our programs

High School Health Education Teacher Comments:

  • “Penny is outstanding! She has wonderful rapport with the students.”

A student/athlete at Columbia-Greene Community College said:

  • “I think the lessons presented by Greene County Family Planning were AWESOME!”

A member of a parenting group stated:

  •  “Great at keeping the class listening.”

A participant at an substance abuse recovery group commented:

  • “I think Penny has an awesome style that makes the uncomfortable comfortable and easy to sit and listen to.”

High School Student Comments:

  • “AMAZING lectures. I never learned more.”
  • “Thanks for the most entertaining lesson of the school year!”

Nearly ALL high school-aged students surveyed have replied:

  • “What they have learned will help them make healthy decisions about their sexual behavior.”
  • After participating in the lessons, they were “More Likely to TALK to others about what was learned.”

We look forward to serving the communities of this beautiful area!  Let us help you make a difference.  Please call our Health Educator at 518-719-3581 or email at to learn more.