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Plan C = Copper IUD

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 12.45.17 PMPlan C is the Paragard Copper IUD copper IUD, it is 99% effective in preventing a pregnancy when inserted for emergency contraception. 

  • It is 99% effective in preventing a pregnancy for 10 years!
  • It contains no hormones
  • It is 99% effective as a long acting reversible contraceptive method (LARC) and can be used up to 10 years
  • It is inserted at our office in a 15 minute visit
  • It can be removed at any time

Common side effects include:
Increased bleeding during the time of your period for the first 3-6 months until your body gets used to it, and possible cramping.

  • Your insurance will likely cover it in full with no co-pays.
  • If you have no insurance, and you are income qualified,  you can apply for the Family Planning Benefit and have it covered it that day.
  • If you make too much, you will be put on a sliding fee scale.
  • It does not protect you against STD’s, and if you are having it inserted for Emergency Contraception you will be tested for STD’s at the time of the insertion.

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