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Get Birth Control


Abstinence is the Only 100% Way to Prevent Pregnancy and STD’s!

Birth Control DOES NOT provide protection against STD’s.

  • Call 518-719-3580 for an appointment
  • Teen walk-in clinic on Wednesdays 3-6
  • Walk-ins appointments are welcomed daily based on availability

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“Set & Forget” Methods

  • The Nurse Practitioner inserts it and you have to do NOTHING!
  • The following are highly effective reversible methods!


Progestin-hormonal IUDs

IUD-The Mirena, Skyla and Liletta IUD is 99% Effective for 5 Years


Non-hormonal IUD

IUD-The Paragard Copper IUD is 99% Effective for 10 years!

Copper IUM

The Implant, called Nexplanon, is 99% Effective for 3 years!



“You Do Something” Methods

  • The following methods you have to do something for them to be effective.
  • Get your shot, take your pill, change your ring or patch.

The Depo-Provera Shot is 94-99% Effective!


The Pill is 91-99% Effective!

Birth Control Pill

The Nuva Ring is 91-99% Effective!

Nuva Ring

The Ortho Evra Patch is 91-99% Effective!

Ortho Evra

The Male Condom is 82-98% Effective!
*Also protects you against STDs!!

Male Condom

The Female Condom is 79-95% Effective!
*Also protects you against STDs!!

Female Condom


“Emergency” Methods

  • Use when your contraceptive method fails.
  • This is NOT an abortion.

Plan B One Step
(A.K.A.  Emergency Contraception, The Morning After Pill)

Paragard Copper IUD (lasts for 10 years with no hormones)

*please review our Emergency Contraception webpage for information on how to get emergency contraception if needed today*


“Permanent” Methods

  • Female or Male Sterilization is more than 99% Effective.




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Images: CDC, an Online Birth Control Support Network operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, and, sister site to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Video Links: Association of Reproductive Professionals