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Initiated in 1982, our County’s Program, along with all other counties in New York State began a very concerted and direct effort towards eradicating the menace of D.W.I. on our highways, and the carnage it causes.

Greene County’s Program is now under the direction and coordination of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. The program exists at no expense to the taxpayers of Greene County, surviving solely on the receipt of fine monies levied for D.W.I. related offenses within all of the courts around the County.

The program acts in areas of enforcement, prosecution, probation, rehabilitation and public information/education. Functioning as an information clearing-house for related statistics, the program assists students and educators with data on alcohol related highway activities and targeted programs.

Captain Tracey Quinn can be reached at (518) 943-3300 x504 or, and we welcome inquires as to the ability and extent to which the program can go in support of anti-drinking and driving efforts within Greene County.

Contact Info
Greene County STOP DWI
370 Mansion Street West Coxsackie, NY 12192
t. 518-943-3300
f. 518-731-2520
Tracey Quinn