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Senior Call-in Program

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a senior call-in program for our senior citizens that helps ensure their safety and well-being. The program assists seniors daily in making sure they are in good health.

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How the Program Works

Members of the program are instructed to call 518-731-4273 daily, between the hours of 7-10AM and advise the officer who receives the call that they are okay.

If a call is not received from a person on the list by 10:15AM the Greene County Sheriff’s Office will take the following steps to check on that person’s welfare:

  • Call the person
  • Call relatives and friends of the person
  • a patrol unit will be dispatched to the residence to check the well-being of the listed senior.

Other Relevant Information

Although not required, seniors are also encouraged to provide major medical precautionary information which may assist our officers in responding in times of need.

If seniors on the list will not be participating in the program for a time due to any circumstances, such as a vacation, hospitalization, or any other long term activity, it is important to let the Sheriff’s Office know the dates and times to not expect a contact from that senior.

Application forms can be turned in to the Greene County Sheriff’s Office.

Download Application Form