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Being a Deputy Sheriff, Correction Officer or other member of the Sheriff’s Office can be a fulfilling job opportunity for a motivated woman or man, (under the age of thirty-five for Deputy Sheriff), who resides in our County. The Sheriff’s Office is a unique agency.It is one agency that provides FIVE public safety functions: Law Enforcement, Corrections, Security Services, Emergency Management and Civil Enforcement.

Sworn personnel must be a resident of either Greene County or an adjoining county to work for the Sheriff. The Sheriff’s Office is an equal opportunity civil service agency which is regulated by the Greene County and State Civil Service Commissions. Members of the Sheriff’s Office are enrolled in the NYS Retirement System.

Candidates for full time positions must first qualify by taking written and physical agility civil service examinations. All candidates must be of good moral character and not have been convicted of a crime. They will undergo an extensive background investigation and must successfully complete Polygraph and Psychological examinations.

Keep an eye out on the civil service exams page for exam postings.

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