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Eviction Day Procedure

The Warrant of Eviction with 14 Day Notice can only be served by the Sheriff’s Office.

The 14 day notice starts on the effective date or when the warrant is served, whatever is later. During the 14 days the civil office will contact you to set up an appointment where you will meet the deputy at the eviction site to complete the eviction lockout.

The Civil Office will schedule the time for the eviction lockout. The eviction has to be completed in one day, Monday through Friday between sunrise and sunset.

Eviction Day Procedure

The landlord or any representative are not to go in the eviction residence without instruction from the deputy or this action may nullify the eviction.

The deputy is at the eviction to oversee and keep the peace.

It is the landlord’s responsibility while the deputy is there to move all the tenant’s personal possessions from the living structure and any outbuildings. The deputy will designate if the possessions need to be moved to a storage unit. Please make arrangements for this possibility.

An inventory list of the landlord’s possessions must be provided on furnished rentals before eviction day. If there is a discrepancy on ownership of an item and no proof can be provided, the item will go to a storage unit.

Sufficient manpower is needed by you to remove the items in a timely manner. If the deputy feels the eviction will take too long based on your manpower he/she will cancel the eviction and have you contact the civil office to reschedule.

Postponements and cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled eviction, other than for weather, will have a rescheduling fee of $50.00. If the deputy arrives at the eviction and you do not have enough suitable help to move personal possessions including furniture, the deputy will cancel the eviction. Before the eviction can be rescheduled there will be a fee of $100.00.


If you have any questions regarding the eviction process please call the civil office at 518-943-3300 option 4.

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