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June 2024: Hello June

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Every day is a chance to make a difference.

Stacey Smith
I would like to give a shout out to Stacey Smith, Eligibility Supervisor, for her patience, kindness, professionalism and knowledge with her ability to handle clients.
Marilyn Farrell
Huge thank you to Marilyn Farrell for always supporting our Military Troops and Veterans! Whenever we (Veterans Services) receive questions or requests for information regarding DMV and/or other matters for the County Clerk, Marilyn always gives our troops and our vets her personal attention, and helps them navigate issues--often complicated by specialsituations. Thank you so much for always giving your personal best to Greene County's Military Sons and Daughters!
Karen, Lisa, Erika, Kathy, Moki, Kim, Mitzi and Cindy
I would like to give a big shout out to the front desk reception in eligibility! Karen, Lisa, Erika, Moki, Kim, Mitzi and Cindy. It's a team effort to give excellent customer service to our clients in need.
Shauna DeJesus
Shout out to Shauna DeJesus, Senior Caseworker in the Preventive Unit. She has been so supportive to workers. Her positive outlook always boosts morale!
Cortney Miron
I would like to give a shout out to Cortney Miron in Eligibility for bein a great supervisor. She is helpful, kind and very knowledgeable and awesome to work with.
Employees of the 911 Center
The following employees from the 911 Center, listed below, always go above and beyond helping those in Greene County during their worst moments. Also for being great team players, by stepping up and helping when needed:
Senior Dispatcher Lisa van Holsteyn
Senior Dispatcher Stephen Salluce, Jr.
Senior Dispatcher Sydney Kohrs
Dispatcher Johnny Bondrew
Dispatcher Wency Wales
Dispatcher Tiffney Biagioni
Dispatcher Aniston Keff
Dispatcher Danielle Powell
Dispatcher Jim Chewens
Maria D'Errico and Rachael Cornell
I'd like to give a Shout Out to Maria D'Errico and Rachael Cornell. Both are always so friendly, kind, caring and get the information needed to answer questions. (Maria was very helpful with unlocking my Flex Card.) (They both were great at the Civil Service Testing site.)
Bruce Wiltbank, Ryan Landi, Wayne Okula, Kyle Casamento
Shout Out to Bruce Wiltbank, Ryan Landi, Wayne Okula, and Kyle Casamento for maintaining the plow equipment for a successful season.
Joanne Rivera
I would like to give a Shout Out to SRO Joanne Rivera from the Greene County Sheriff's Office for her amazing work in the Cairo-Durham High School and Middle School. Her compassion, respect, and problem solving with the students is beneficial and appreciated for a healthy learning environment. The students hold her in the highest regards and she is a perfect example of positive policing with youth. Officer Rivera is an asset to the students and the GCSO.
Robert Laird
A client called to share his compliments for Robert Laird, our bus driver. He said, "Robert is very friendly and kind to the seniors. He is helpful and makes every trip an enjoyable experience."
Kathy Elting
Shout Out to Kathy Elting in Children and Family Services. She is so funny, kind and thoughtful. She does her job with excellence! Its great to work with her.
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