Positions Requiring Background Investigation & FingerprintingPositions Requiring Background Investigation & Fingerprinting

Positions Requiring Background Investigation & Fingerprinting

Applicants may be required to undergo a State and national criminal history background investigation, which will include a fingerprint check, to determine suitability for appointment.

Failure to meet the standards for the background investigation may result in disqualification. Fingerprints to be used in performing the background checks would be collected from applicants pursuant to regulations promulgated by the DCJS, which will perform the State background check. DCJS will also submit the fingerprints to the FBI for the completion of the national background check. Individuals found to have criminal histories that bar their appointment to the position sought would then be disqualified by the municipal civil service agency pursuant to Section 50(4) of the Civil Service Law. As mentioned above, this Chapter applies to applicants or eligibles for original appointment to positions in the classified service. Current employees, transfer candidates, individuals reinstated from preferred lists pursuant to Section 81 of the Civil Service Law and applicants for promotion examinations or current eligibles on promotion eligible lists are specifically exempted from the provisions of this Chapter.

This act took effect July 22, 2003.