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Back 4 S’more Shout Outs

Lee Gerber
Shout out to Lee Gerber in I.T. for help with computer changes and having the patience to help train me. Thank you!!
Lorraine Hicks
Shout out to Lorraine Hicks in DMV! She is always pleasant to work with and her help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
Lee Gerber & Shameen Rucker
When the building closed, they could have simply gone home. They advised they needed to stay in the office to safeguard servers & the computer system. They said specifically "we must protect the computer equipment!"
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez has been a great addition to the Greene County Probation Department. He is always pleasant, helpful and has proven to be a very diligent worker.
Danielle Hotaling
Much appreciation to Daniell Hotaling at Emergency Services. Danielle goes above and beyond to assist with onboarding new hires for that department. This is greatly appreciated and valued! Not to mention her ability to turn a frown upside down!!
Kim Stanzione
Shout out to the newest HR Team Member, Kim Stanzione. Kim has jumped right into the chaos of the HR Department and has with a smile and positive attitude. We are so happy to have you on the team!!
Patty Carras
Shout out to Patty Carras for always cleaning up everyone else's messes! We are grateful for you!
Katelyn Winchell and Etsuko Weaver
Shout out to Katelyn Winchell and Etsuko Weaver, who go out of their way to make sure they ask questions in order to do their jobs correctly. Not only are they diligent in their duties, they are always a pleasure to interact with. Thank you both!!
Nicole Maggio
Nicole Maggio, thank you for being a caring person and a person of your word.
Civilian Staff of the Greene County Jail
To all the civilian staff at the Greene County Jail, thanks for all you do to support our operation.
Iciani Figueroa
Iciani is wonderful to work with. She is always so helpful and pleasant. She is an asset to Family Planning.
Deputy Steve Bence
Special thank you to Deputy Steve Bence for helping Public Health staff on Saturday morning. Your kindness and professionalism is most appreciated.
Shameen Rucker and Lee Gerber
Shameen and Lee in the IT Department. They are the backbone to the department and are always professional, prompt and efficient in their service!
Have a s'more-ing great summer!!