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May 2024: Human Resources Presents…Greene County Jeopardy!!

Human Resources Presents…Greene County Jeopardy!!

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Pick an envelope from the board!  Its yours.  Now open it up and see what’s inside…Give it a try!!  Have some fun!

Shawn Marriott
Shout out to Shawn Marriott of the GCSO is an excellent trainer. He is thorough, very knowledgeable, conscientious and a pleasure to work with.
Chris Lewoc
Shout out to Chris Lewoc for "going above and beyond" to transport a group of seniors to a play at Coxsackie-Athens High School!
Jim Carr
Welcome aboard Jim Carr! Jim is our newest Veterans Benefits Representative. He has only been with the agency for approximately 7 months and has already completed all of his Veterans Service Officer training, and began claims submissions, representing Greene County Veterans. Jim is always present, always on time and has quickly acclimated to a very different work environment than what he had been accustomed to – for many decades. Jim is proving to be a true asset to our team – his hard work and dedication really shows!
Al DeLaunay
Thank you, Al DeLaunay at the Greene County Veterans Service Agency! Al helps countless veterans obtain their VA benefits. He is an exceptionally dependable employee, who always goes above and beyond to help his fellow veterans, his co-workers and his Department Head. Thank you Al for all of your hard work and dedication to Greene County Veterans!
Bill, Shawn and Nick from Buildings & Grounds
Shout out to Bill, Shawn and Nick from Buildings & Grounds! They've gone above and beyond for us the last few weeks with renovations, repairs and furniture assembly/moving. They are always a pleasure to be around and are undoubtedly huge assets to Greene County!
Maureen Anshanslin
Shout out to Maureen Anshanslin. She has gone out of her way to help everyone. She has given up her own time to help others.
Sager, Wendy, All ADA's and the Big Guy DA
Thank you to Sager, Wendy, All ADA's and the Big Guy DA!
Heather Halvorsen
Shout out to Heather Halvorsen from the Greene County Treasurer's office is a pleasure to work with. She always greets you with a smile, and is very helpful and kind.
Wendy Johnson
Shout out to Wendy Johnson for saving a life from drugs.
Shout out to my awesome co-workers in Human Resources & Civil Service for their support & working together as a team. You are all fantabulous!!
Vee Carl
A big thank you to Vee Carl for all of her hard work, initiative, and dedication assisting the Veterans Dept. with planning upcoming events!
Nick, Shawn, Gavin & John
Shout out to Buildings & Grounds. Nick, Shawn, Gavin & John. Always going the extra mile to make sure that the job is done & done correctly! Thank you for your hard work!
GC Mental Health Therapists
Shout out to all my clinical staff!! Greene County Mental Health Therapists - The Adult Therapists led by Sara Kendall and The Children's Therapists led by Emily Krause are extraordinary people. The past several months have proven to be challenging for The Clinic, to say the least, but all Therapists consistently worked hard to support each other while providing outstanding care for all their Clients. Roles within the Clinic for some have shifted, others have assumed additional responsibilities, but all have had to adapt to frequently changing policies and procedures. I would not want to work anywhere but right here!! Thank you for all you do and will continue to do!!
Rachael Cornell
Shout out! Rachael in Civil Service was lovely. She took my application and made copies for me without me asking. Thanks.
Brooke Bergeron
Shout out to Brooke Bergeron at the Department of Human Services. Client feedback from a recent home visit said she was professional in both demeanor and appearance, patient, considerate and kind. Way to go, Brooke!
Pam Fancher-Brent
Shout out to Pam in Human Resources for jumping in and helping to get the Wellness Station posters looking professional! Pam your experience with printing and making images look crisp, are top notch! You are so appreciated. Thank you!!!
Steve Smith and Lee Gerber
Shout out to Steve Smith from Building & Grounds and Lee Gerber from IT! When the Mental Health building experienced a power outage recently, Steve dealt with not only the outage, but fire alarms and the fire department being called twice, CO2 fumes from the generator, and a failed basement pump all while keeping in contact with staff to keep us up to date.

Lee from IT then came out when the power came back and got our server and phones back up and running and turned on all of our PC’s so that we could continue to work remotely for the day.

Thank you both for always going above and beyond!!
Melanie Moran
I would love to shout out Melanie Moran for an impressive first week on the job! She has had so much thrown her way & is crushing the game. Excited she is part of our team & excited to see her grow in her new role!!