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Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association


In 1889, when the Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association was established, fire departments were few and far between. Some of the men felt that there was a need for an organization to give support to these companies. The first President was George H. Scott. Early records are not available so we do not know who did the organizing. The first records show that at the 1907 Annual Convention, 5 vice presidents were elected and that the membership was 160 with a balance in the treasury of $52.25. By 1930, the membership grew to 450.

In 1931, the convention was held in Coxsackie and a big discussion was held regarding what will be done when there are no more volunteer firemen (volunteerism was fading).

The first Greene County Day at the Firemen’s Home was held on October 27, 1935. The year was 1941 and fire equipment in Greene County was inadequate; in 1942, there was no convention because of WW II.

The association went on record for favoring a county mutual aid program, a fire coordinator (Elmer Young, Bruce Borwegen, Ronald Garrison, Robert Darling and John P. Farrell, Jr. have held this position) and a fire advisory board. By 1952, the treasury had grown to $1,623.65 with a membership of 535. In 1958, 31 fire companies and organization had joined. In 1958, no one came forward wishing to host a convention until Hunter accepted.

The parade rules and regulations were read and reread in 1963 before approval was given. In 1968, the position of Financial Secretary was added and the first Past President’s dinner was held in 1969. By 1970, the membership was 703 and 196 people attended the Past President’s dinner (largest attendance was 250 in 1973).

The Booster Line, a newsletter dedicated to the volunteer fire services in Greene County, was started in 1970 and continues to 2006 with few interruptions. Judith Rhodes, Dorothy Jennings, Kandi Davis, Margaret Feml have held the position of editor.

In October of 1973, the first Drill Day was held in Palenville and has continued each year since. The membership was 937 in 1977 but dropped to 670 in 1980.

To celebrate 100 years of service, the association hosted the convention in Catskill.

Over the years many committees were added, among them Fireman of the Year, Scholarship, Guidelines and Fund Raising. The Past Presidents’ dinner now includes the Ladies Auxiliary of GCVFA, Fire Police Association and Fire Chiefs’ Association.

The membership now is 984 with over $10,000. in the treasury to fund the events sponsored by the association such as Greene County Day at the Firemen’s Home, Drill Day and the annual conventions.

Many changes have taken place over the years. The County now has a new Emergency Control office and will have a burn building and garage in the near future. Again, volunteerism is down; participation at the meetings is low and there are no hosts for future conventions. This year, the Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association and Ladies Auxiliary are hosting the 118th annual convention.

2023-2024 Officer of the Association

President – Antonio Fuentes
1st Vice President – Ryan Schrader
2nd Vice President – Jason Haines
Recording Secretary- Liza Dwon
Treasure – Karen Schrader
Financial Secretary- George F. Stacey

2023-2024 Committees

Auditing Rich Frasco
Pete Kusminsky
Tyrel Sherman
Donald Winegard
Boster Line Maureen Murphy, Chair
George Stacey
Dotty Jennings – Auxiliary
Chuck Adsit
John Miller
By-laws & Guidelines Tyrel Sherman, Chair
Pete Alberti
Marilyn Schrader
Lillian Beechert
Phyllis Dinkelacker
Dress Parade Rules P J Pugsley, Chair
and Regulations Kevin Lennon, Co Chair
Tom Gonzalez
Kevin Lennon
Chip Spring
Mark Dinkelackr
Frank Boertlein
Craig Seaburg
Drill Day & Rules Connie Whitbeck, Chair
Carlos P Sala, Co Chair
Peter Alberti
Frank Boertlin
Craig Seaburg
Drill Day & Rules Con. Andrew Lubera
Kevin Sattler
Fire  Assistance Fund Frank Roberts Sr, Co-Chair
Marilyn Farrell, Co-Chair
Marilyn Schrader
Maureen Murphy
Fire Prevention Day Karen Schrader, Chair
Kevin Sattler, Co-Chair
Connie Whitbeck
Frank Roberts Sr
Lynn Wallace
Andrew Lubera
Firefighter of the Year George Stacey, Chair
Barry Feml
John P Farrell Jr
Randy Ormerod
Firemen’s Home Marilyn Schrader, Chair
John P Farrell Jr
Fundraising Tyrel Sherman
Donald Winegard
Golf Kevin Lennon, Chair
PJ Pugsley
Robert Schrader
Karen Schrader
Greene County Day Marilyn Schrader, Chair
Donald Winegard
Tyrel Sherman
Connie Whitbeck
Craig Seaburg
Legislative Vickie Dichian, Chair
Marilyn Schrader
Ronald Garrison
Yale Frank Jr
Nominating Pete Kuminsky, Chair
Chester Garrison, co-chair
Robert Schrader
Carlos P Sala JR
Richard Fasco
Past Presidents Dinner Jason Haines, Chair
George Stacey
Marilyn Schrader
Karen Schrader
GCVFPA Committee
GCVFCA Committee
GCVFALA Committee
Peter Bennett Menorial Award P J Pugsley
Recruitment, Retention, Antonio Fuentes, Chair
& Membership Joe Affronte, Co Chair
Marilyn Schrader
John P Farrell Jr
Resolutions Vickie Dichian, Chair
Pat Pugsley Sr
Yale Frank Jr
Scholarship Committee Robert Schrader, Chair
Mary Sheridan
Jason Haines
Cathy Spring – Aux
Bonnie Pflegl – Aux
Pamela Fancher-Brent – Aux
Donald Winegard
Lynn Wallace
Craig Seaburg
Ski Competition Kevin Lennon, Chair
Adam Goodrich
Steering Marilyn Schrader, Chair
John P Farrell Jr
Yale Frank Jr
Quartermaster P J Pugsley
Marilyn Schrader, Chair
Liason to GCVFA
Convention Committee
Hudson Valley – Primary Chester Garrison
Hudson Valley – Alt Frank Boertlein
FASNY – Primary Robert Schrader
FASNY – Alternate Frank Boertlein