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Fire Investigation Team

Our History

In 1987 Greene County prepared and implemented a Greene County Arson Task Force to assist with the growing number of suspicious fires that Greene County police agencies were called upon to investigate. In 1992 an advisory board was formed to direct and form the newly created Greene County Fire Investigation Team, known as GCFIT.

The GCFIT was formed with the combined assistance of the Greene County Sheriff – John Kiebart, Deputy Raymond Berg, Greene County Fire Coordinator – Ronald Garrison, President of the Greene County Fire Chief’s Association – David Sherman, President of the Greene County Volunteer Fireman’s Association – Jim Minkalis and Chairman of the Fire Advisory Board – Robert Lampman. The GCFIT had the pledged support of all of the fire departments in Greene County.

The advisory board is comprised of the Greene County Sheriff, Sheriff’s Most Senior Fire Investigator, Chairman of the Greene County Fire Advisory Board, Greene County Fire Coordinator, President of the Greene County Volunteer Fire Chief’s Association, President of the Greene County Volunteer Firemen’s Association, New York State Police Investigator, who must reside in Greene County and the President of the Greene County Fire Investigation Team.

Our Mission

  1. To provide officials within the fire service and police agencies with professional assistance in determining the cause and origin of fire and/or
    explosions in Greene County.
  2. To discourage and deter those persons of society who would willfully set fires for either monetary or personal reasons and to arrest and prosecute those that do.
  3. To integrate resources of the fire service, the District Attorney’s Office and Police agencies of Greene County and to unite for mutual benefit those officials engaged in the investigations of fires and/or explosions.
  4. To assist law enforcement agencies and the fire service in furthering fire prevention efforts and the suppression of crime.

GCFIT Membership Application

To acquire a copy of any report or receive pictures, call the Team at 518-622-3548.

We Serve

  • Towns of: Ashland, Athens, Cairo, Catskill, Coxsackie, Durham, Greenville, Hunter, Jewett, Lexington, New Baltimore, Prattsville, Windham.
  • Village of: Athens, Catskill, Coxsackie, Hunter, Tannersville.


International Association of Arson Investigators
New York State Fire Investigators Association (Chapter 23 – IAAI)

Current Officers

  • Chief – Gerard Buckley/Cairo Hose Co.
  • Deputy Chief – Joe Caputo/Kiskatom Fire Dept.
  • Secretary – Liza Dwon / Lexington Fire Dept.
  • Treasurer – Anthony Uvino / Kiskatom Fire Dept.

Team Members

  •        66-4 Anthony Uvino (Level 1 Investigator)
  •        66-6 Clifton Powell III
  •        66-10 Chief Gerard Buckley
  •        66-11 Liza Dwon (Level 1 Investigator)
  •        66-15 Paul Dwon (Level 2 Investigator)
  •        66-16 Clifton Drollette
  •        66-17 Daniel Cooke
  •        66-18 Kevin Simmons Jr.
  •        66-19 Frank Boertlein
  •        66-20 Deputy Chief Joe Caputo
  •        66-23 John Buckley
  •        66-24 Julia Hepperle
  •        66-28 Brain Ruger
  •        66-31 Cory Birk
  •        66-32 Sean Tokle
  •        66-33 Randy Buel
  •        66-34 Ray Clinton
  •        Joseph Caputo (G.C.S.O. Level 2 Investigator/Pro Board Certified)
  •        Pete Kusminsky (G.C.S.O. Sheriff/Level 2 Investigator)
  •        Joel Rowell (G.C.S.O. Level 2 Investigator)
  •        Joseph Feml (G.C.S.O.)

Life Members

  • Gary Goodrich
  • John Lafferty
  • Gary Slutzky
  • Richard Frasco
  • Ted Nugent
  • Randy Ormerod
  • Donald Daoust
  • Wade Davis

Honorary Members

  • Allen Auger
  • Delbert Higgins