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The Transformation of a Major Gateway to Greene County

New Stewarts Site exit 21

NYS Thruway at Exit 21 Catskill serves as one of the highest traffic access points to and from destinations within Greene County, and the adjacent commercial real estate has been underutilized for years. That is all about to change. Sitework

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Greene County Prevails with State of Emergency Declaration

On May 17, 2023 the Greene County Legislature declared a State of Emergency due to failed Federal Policy(ies) together with New York City’s mismanagement and/or underestimation of the impact of inviting persons without means to the city, resulting in New

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Greene County Urges Governor Not to Provide Controversial Tax Credits

Resolution No. 259-23 Resolution In Opposition To Senate Bill S6637 Regarding Amending Section 606 Of The Tax Law WHEREAS, Senate Bill S6637 has been introduced in the New York State Senate which is an act to amend Section 606 of

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Greene County Defends Local Justices from State Regulation

Resolution No. 260-23 Resolution In Opposition To New York State Senate Bill S139B & New York State Assembly Bill A1358B An Act To Amend The Uniform Justice Court Act, The Town Law And The Village Law, In Relation To Requiring

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Greene County Opposes Unnecessary Changes to Voting Schedule

Resolution No. 254-23 Resolution Urging The Governor To Veto A.4282B/S.3505B To Move Certain Local Elections To Even-Numbered Years WHEREAS, the Greene County Legislature believes that increasing participation in the election process and reducing costs of government operations is good for

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A Declaration of State of Emergency

County of Greene Patrick S. Linger Chairman, Greene County Legislature A State of Emergency is herewith declared within the jurisdiction of the County of Greene, State of New York, effective immediately, May 17, 2023. The State of Emergency has been

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Greene County Responds to NYS Executive Order 28 Implications

Statement of the Greene County Legislature May 15, 2023 – Catskill, NY – On May 9th, the Governor’s office issued a press release announcing a new executive order to deploy more than $1 billion in taxpayer monies to boost support

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New Small Business Grant Program for Greene County Businesses

Catskill, NY – April 26, 2023 The Greene County Legislature has procured $300,000.00 in New York State Funding in partnership with the Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC) which will administer the funds to provide grants ranging from $5,000.00 to $25,000.00 to

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Village of Coxsackie Receives $4,500,000 in NY Forward Funding

On March 3rd, Village Mayor Mark Evans and member of the Downtown Coxsackie committee were presented with a check for $4.5 million as a winner of first round of the NY Forward grant initiative. This funding will be applied to

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Greene County Legislature Calls on NYS to Continue to Pass-Thru ACA Enhanced Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage Funds

In its Wednesday, February 15th session, the Greene County Legislature unanimously adopted Resolution No. 54-23 calling on the Governor and NYS Legislature to continue the practice of passing through enhanced Federal Medicaid Assistance Percentage (eFMAP) funds to county governments, a

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