Legal Notice – Addendum RFP Commissioning Services for New Greene County Jail Facility

Legal Notice – Addendum RFP Commissioning Services for New Greene County Jail Facility

The Greene County Jail is a new facility that is scheduled to be completed by the end of February of 2021.

The Greene County Jail is a 73,000 square feet two-level building, with a detached 6,000 square foot single level maintenance building. The main building will be a mix of commercial-level construction for the administrative space and detention level construction for the institutional space. The housing pods will have smoke evacuation systems to allow inmates to remain in place during a smoke event. The maintenance structure is a pre-engineered metal building used for maintenance and storage. Please be advised that construction has started and the project is approximately 50% complete and all submittals and coordination drawings have been completed and approved by the AE.

Additionally, the project schedule is progressing by area and the equipment start-up and pre-functional testing will be completed as each area is completed. Final Commissioning will be completed at the end of the project.

The areas of work include:

1. Core #1 – Area ME, AD & SV
2. Core#2 – Area VS, IN & HL
3. Housing Unit A
4. Housing Unit C
5. Housing Unit D
6. Housing Unit C & D Center Core
7. Maintenance Building S

Commissioning Scope of Work:

The intent of this Commissioning Project is to verify the successful completion, documentation and performance of the facility’s mechanical systems. Additionally, HVAC systems will be
evaluated under emergency power conditions. Life safety smoke control system will be evaluated under the smoke conditions.

The proposal is to include, but not be limited to, all labor, material, tools, equipment, plant supplies, transportation, supervision, contributions, insurance, coordination with entities, and
other services necessary for the performance of work for the project.

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