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Volunteers Needed

Volunteers Needed

Greene County Emergency Reserve Citizens Corps

The Greene County Emergency Reserve Citizens Corps, part of the Greene NY Medical Reserve Corps, is seeking volunteers to assist in response and recovery operations and help prepare for disasters. Residents that can drive, operate an ATV, answer phones, care for animals, or have medical training or logistic skills are urged to sign up. 

Volunteers participate in training exercises and drills throughout the year to prepare for disaster response. Advance registration of medical and non-medical volunteers provides Greene County with immediate access to people with specific skills able to respond and assist during a crisis.

Specific Response Roles include:

  • Social Media Coordination
  • Reception
  • Education            
  • Transportation
  • Data Management
  • Veterinary Support
  • Medical Support
  • Radio Operation
  • Packaging & Distribution
  • Translation (Second Language Proficiency)
  • Evacuation Assistance
  • Public Health Assistance

County residents wishing to learn more or to sign up to volunteer services should contact the Greene County Public Health Department’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator by phone at 518-719-3611 or by email at:


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