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Sell Your Greene County Products in the New Baltimore Taste NY Store

Sell Your Greene County Products in the New Baltimore Taste NY Store

If you produce a product that meets the requirements of the Taste NY Retail Guidelines, Cornell Cooperative Extension can help you become a New Baltimore Welcome Center Retail Store Vendor!

The business is operated by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia & Greene Counties (CCECGC} and is accepting applications from potential vendors of “retail ready” NYS food, beverage, farm and non-food products for the Taste NY Market.

Alcoholic beverages cannot be accepted at this time.

Vendors meeting the Taste NY retail guidelines and who can submit the required insurance documentation will be considered by the market manager for wholesale purchase of retail-ready product for retail sales at the Taste NY Market at New Baltimore.

Vendors in the Market may be rotated depending on seasonality, product variety, availability, consumer demand, and other factors.
The Market is open year-round, seven days a week. Delivery logistics will be discussed at greater length once the administrative process is complete with correct certificate of insurance on file.

Download the Taste NY Vendor Application and Cover Letter



“Taste NY” brands New York products at special events, tourism destinations and stores throughout the state, making these products more readily available and recognizable to New York residents and tourists. “Taste NY” tents, stores and events will soon be seen promoting agricultural products grown, and food and beverages processed within New York State to everyone.

  •  Appropriate self-stable food products for retail include candies, chocolate products, sauces, salsas, pickled products, marinades and salad dressings, jams, jellies and preserves, packaged tea and coffee, snack items like cookies, chips, crackers, pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, etc., grocery and pantry items including pasta, flours and grains, herbs and spices, condiments, textiles and crafts such as ceramics, candles, fiber products, wood products, soaps and beauty products including lotions, creams, sunscreen, lip balm, cleaning products, books, and gift baskets.

Dairy, alcoholic beverages, and prepackaged beverages are currently prohibited.

  • These products must be grown and/or processed in New York and labeled as such.
  • Signage and colors used within the retail space shall be consistent with the Taste NY brand guide.
  • Use of the logo outside of the defined retail space and on brochures or other written material shall be prohibited, unless prior written approval is obtained by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.
  • Product deliveries may ONLY occur before NOON between MONDAYS and FRIDAYS and ONLY in DESIGNATED AREAS.
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