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Greene County COVID-19 Vaccination Progress

Greene County COVID-19 Vaccination Progress

By the end of May, Greene County will have completed over 16,000+ COVID-19 inoculations. This is thanks to the efforts of our community healthcare workers and volunteers at the nearly 20 vaccination Points Of Distribution (PODs) throughout Greene. NYS has also administered over 14.5 million cumulative doses of the vaccine, with 31.4% of the population having received a complete vaccine series.

The Greene County Public Health Department will now be transitioning from mass PODs to smaller clinics that occur more frequently throughout each month. Over the next month, GCPH will complete the PODs for all second doses of the vaccine at the same location and time that you received your first inoculation. Additionally, GCPH has traveled throughout Greene County to ensure that our homebound and elderly without means of traveling to a POD receive the vaccine.  They are also currently working with our local schools to vaccinate students between the ages of 16-17.

Please be aware that COVID-19 vaccinations have become more widely available at current mass-distribution sites and pharmacies throughout Greene County. Be sure to check

Remember that the COVID-19 vaccine has been rigorously tested and administered with the health and safety of the public in mind. By getting vaccinated, you’re not just protecting yourself and your loved ones – it means protecting our community and everyone within it as well. By getting vaccinated, you can help ensure our local businesses can thrive and give back to Greene, as well as help NYS determine when to lower mandates on businesses and events. 

If you still would like to receive your vaccine through GCPH, you can call the Public Health Department at 518-719-3600 for more info.

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