No Property Tax Increase for 2023 in Greene County No Property Tax Increase for 2023 in Greene County

Greene County Legislature Once Again Holding the Line with No Property Tax Increase for 2023

Greene County Legislature Once Again Holding the Line with No Property Tax Increase for 2023

For a fourth successful year, there will be no increase in the overall property tax levy, Greene County will hold the line and not exceed the NYS Property Tax Cap Legislation.

“Our success at maintaining a consistent property tax levy level is based on both our sales tax collections and our healthy fund balances. As the growth in the sales tax has continued over the last three years, we have used that revenue to keep property taxes low”, said County Administrator Shaun S. Groden.

“Current sales tax collections affirm our earlier projections and help continue to stabilize the property tax levy. The increase in projected receipts for the current year directly ties to our decision to forego the gasoline sales tax holiday. We committed to using sales tax revenue for property tax relief, and this budget proposal demonstrates that we accomplished our goal. As this budget is presented, it’s goal and the Legislative message needs to be clear: we remain committed to low property taxes during challenging times”, said County Administrator Groden.

“Your Greene County legislature remains committed to providing our residents with some of the lowest property tax levies in the state. The prudent application of sales tax revenue and careful stewardship of our county budget enables us to provide low taxes and quality services to all who live here”, said Chairman of the Greene County Legislature, Patrick S. Linger.

“Our legislature has worked hard to not have a property tax increase through fiscally conservative budget planning. We understand how important it is to Greene County residents to not have a substantial tax increase every year, remain in their homes and have more money in their pockets than in government. This work is also equally important to enable new families to establish themselves in Greene County” noted, Legislator/Majority Leader Matthew Luvera.

Most of the overall expenditure increases in this Budget consist of typical line items such as payroll and health care benefits.

Greene County Administrator, Shaun S. Groden, will provide a summary of the 2023 Tentative Budget at the annual public hearing on October 26, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. in the Catskill High School Auditorium. The public is invited and encouraged to attend and will be provided an opportunity to make comment to the Greene County Legislature.

The 2023 Tentative Budget will be available to review on the Greene County website Friday, October 21, 2022.

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