Health Care Facilities Advancing at Exit 21 West Business Park Health Care Facilities Advancing at Exit 21 West Business Park

New Health Care Facilities Advancing at Exit 21 West Business Park

New Health Care Facilities Advancing at Exit 21 West Business Park

Infrastructure Investments will Support Greene County Community Health Center and CMH Medical Plaza West

Key infrastructure investments are advancing as Greene County Government plans to expand accessible health care services to its residents at the Exit 21 West Business Park located in the Town of Catskill. The Greene County Industrial Development Agency (Greene IDA) established a 60-acre business park in 2019 located on NYS 23B west of New York State Thruway Exit 21 and branded the site Exit 21 West. To date, the Greene IDA has invested over $3,000,000 in preparation of the site to include acquisition of eight parcels, the demolition of multiple residential structures, completion of an Environmental Impact Statement under state environmental laws, and mitigation of archaeologically sensitive areas such that the land base is ready for development.

Greene County plans for infrastructure development to serve medical and hospitality businesses.

The location of this property makes it an ideal site for expanded community health services, and the County is now working with Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation to extend natural gas service from Jefferson Heights. The new natural gas service will not only serve the Exit 21 West and Exit 21 East sites (former Quality Inn Site), but provides an opportunity for hookups to homes and businesses along Route 23B as well as vacant lands for additional economic development. The estimated cost of this investment is $1.5 million to be funded through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Greene County also plans the construction of a new Community Health Center.

Greene County also plans to replace the old Mental Health Building currently located adjacent to Angelo Canna Park in the town of Cairo with a new Community Health Center. The current Mental Health Building was never designed to accommodate modern office space and has become inefficient and costly to maintain. The new Community Health Center will not only support community and mental health services, but will be designed for delivery of public health services. The building design will provide a centralized location for vaccinations, clinical testing, and pandemic or other emergency responses supporting the county’s ‘Continuity of Operation’ plans. The new Community Health Center will be supported by public transportation delivered by Greene County Transit.

In January of 2020, Columbia Memorial Health (CMH) and Greene IDA announced an agreement for a purchase option on a 4-acre parcel of land located in Exit 21 West.

CMH continues formalizing plans for CMH Medical Plaza West, where it envisions an expansion of services conveniently available to Greene County residents. This planned expansion at the site will add to the array of services currently offered at CMH’s Greene Medical Arts facility in Jefferson Heights. This resulting medical campus would become a regional facility to support the twin-county’s population, as well as those from southern counties seeking medical services in the Capital Region.

Jay P. Cahalan, President and CEO of Columbia Memorial Health, said: “CMH’s affiliation with Albany Med has positioned us to envision providing specialty care services currently not available in Greene County, providing local residents with convenient access to even more care.”

Cahalan, a long-time Greene County resident, added: “Thanks to the good work and vision of the Greene County IDA, and a strong partnership with Greene County Government on the infrastructure required for CMH initiatives, this project will both add health care resources, and further expand healthcare service offerings in Greene County.”

Eric Hoglund, Chairman of the Greene County IDA, said: “The availability of medical services is a key factor in attracting new business to the county. In our experience, corporate site selectors are strongly interested in investing in communities where their employees will have access to quality housing, recreation and medical care, and we are pleased to be working with CMH and Greene County in support of their vision for multiple buildings in the medical plaza.”

“I am proud to report that the investment in natural gas infrastructure to the site will have no negative impact on our county budget,” states Patrick S. Linger – Chair, Greene County Legislature. “This investment of federal funds will directly benefit the delivery of healthcare services in our communities, and spur economic growth across the county and the region.”

The Greene County Legislature continues its commitment to growth and development, including investment in public infrastructure, business attraction and marketing, and supports the IDA’s advancement of shovel ready parks. The development of the Exit 21 East and West Properties will expand our tax base, create new jobs, and will help to attract and retain people to our area which in turn enhances economic growth and prosperity.

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