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C-GCC Releases Campus Reopening Plan

C-GCC Releases Campus Reopening Plan

Columbia-Greene Community College has released its campus reopening plan, an 11-page document that outlines protocols for the Fall 2020 semester, including social-distancing requirements, disinfecting procedures, and classroom sizes.

C-GCC has conducted all courses online and remotely since March 2020. The Fall semester, slated to begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8, will include online, remote, and face-to-face instruction – the latter, according to President Carlee Drummer, Ph.D., will be limited to “kinetic” classes requiring hands-on instruction such as nursing clinicals; art studios; and selected science, automotive technology, and construction technology labs.

“For the past three months, the Pandemic Preparedness, CoGreene Forward Academics, and CoGreene Forward Operations taskforces have been engaging in meaningful discussions and assembling ideas for an on-campus operations plan* that will ensure, to the greatest extent possible, the health and safety of students, employees, and the greater communities served by the College,” said Drummer.

To that end, classrooms have been reconfigured in a “honeycomb” style to yield the greatest number of seats while still maintaining six-foot social-distancing protocols, and class start- and end-times will be staggered to reduce foot-traffic in the hallways, among other measures.

Until further notice, in-person events and meetings will not occur at the College, and only essential C-GCC employees will work on campus, doing so on rotating  schedules. Workspaces have been reconfigured, and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn when social distancing cannot be maintained, including in corridors.

C-GCC is also adhering to the hygiene, cleaning, and disinfecting requirements advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Columbia and Greene County Departments of Health, and the screening process set forth by the Reopening New York Higher Education Guidelines released by New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Office.

“Together, the CoGreene community is demonstrating its resilience and resolve to provide students with an educational experience that is second-to-none,” said Drummer, “even while in the midst of a global pandemic.”

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