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March 2024: March Madness

March Madness

March Madness of Affirmations and Education

I must send a shout out to Erin in Records Management. She and her department are amazing. This morning at 9:02am I submitted a request for documents from 2019 and at 11am I am holding them in my hand. Extraordinary.
Beth Lindstedth
Shout out to Beth Lindstedth in the Public Defender's Office for being such an outstanding and knowledgeable attorney. You are great at your craft!
VJ Guntur
I would like to send a shout to VJ Guntur, Counsel to the Commissioner, for all his hard work in and out of the courtroom.
Christy Moon
Shout out to Christy Moon for organizing the "Two Truths and a Lie" event in the Public Health Department. This was a fun way to get to know coworkers a little better and was very well received. Great job Christy!
Adele Carr, Caitlin Neal, William Bauer, Lorraine Hicks, Carrie Wallace, Gina Baur
For all your behind the scenes hard work. We can't do it without:
Adele Carr, Caitlin Neal, William Bauer, Lorraine Hicks, Carrie Wallace, Gina Baur
Shout out to the HR & Civil Service Department:
Maria, Nicole, Pam, Holly, & Rachael
"You ladies ROCK! I am always greeted with a smile... and they have the best candy!"
Kayla Eacott
I would like to nominate Kayla Eacott from Family Planning. Kayla goes over and beyond for patients in need. She is so well-versed in the services available and makes arrangements to connect patient with services despite how time intensive it can be. She does follow up and problem solve with them when needed. Every department needs a Kayla Eacott and Greene County is lucky she chooses us!!!
Very grateful for Pam in HR. She is always there to answer questions and provide help. Without her, I would be very lost somedays. Keep it up, we appreciate you!
Shout out to Katie at the Records Center for her constant hard work!
Shout out to Laura at the Records Center for her constant hard work!
Christine Jackson
Christine Jackson is just the most delightful and helpful person. I enjoyed my last visit with Christine.
Jillian Jenkins
Shout out to Jillian Jenkins for her excellent work teaching Catskill High-schoolers healthy reproductive health. Students' hand-written feedback included:
"Jillian is the best."
"Jillian is now my favorite human ever!"
"So funny and also a great way to tie together fun and health"
"Jillian was great, the presentation was understandable and had me focused"
"Jillian is wonderful at teaching this topic, she kept me focused the days she was here and I'm sad it's over"
Luisa was so helpful, kind and respectful. If all people were this helpful everything would work better! She deserves a raise!!"
Dispatcher Chewins
Shout out to Dispatcher Chewins from GC911. His eagerness to learn, dedication to the job, and overall positive attitude make him a joy to work with. Cheesy jokes and all!
For the County Clerk Records Room:

"Keep up the great work"

"Staff were kind, helpful, & efficient"