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Terry McGee Ward, Executive Director of Greene County Department of Human Services announces the following message to all volunteers delivering meals & those receiving meals from the Rivertown Senior Center, covering the Towns of Athens, Coxsackie, and Catskill, as well as those from our Acra center. This includes the Greenville and Freehold meal routes as well..

“Please note that this is a courtesy and we are not experts in Public Health. Please do not call our office looking for medical advice. We are hoping to allay your fears regarding the recent newspaper article.

Greene County Public Health is also experiencing an extraordinary high call volume at this time. Public Health would have contacted you if they felt your health and safety were in question as a result of our Athens staff member’s positive COVID test and your possible subsequent close contact exposure.

All of the contact tracing has been completed and the necessary people have been informed. Many people are in contact with someone who may have been exposed, but this does not mean you are considered a close contact nor need to be quarantined.

Our suggestion is to follow the CDC protocols regarding keeping yourself and your family safe:
• Wash your hands
• Wear a mask
• Stay home if you don’t feel well
• Use hand sanitizer.
• Be safe, stay well.”


Up to the Minute News in Newspapers

The Department for the Aging informs you of News for Seniors and Caregivers via:

  • Local area newspapers
  • Senior Citizens Round Table News-Monthly
  • Senior Citizens Club Monthly Updates


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