How to Obtain a Special Electrician License | Greene County, New York How to Obtain a Special Electrician License | Greene County, New York

Special Electrician

Shall mean and include any person who is in the exclusive employ of the owner, lessee or manager of a building, plant or structure and whose employment consists wholly of the work of maintaining or repairing electrical wiring, apparatus, fixtures, devices, appliances and equipment utilized or designed for the utilization of electricity for light, heat, or power purposes or for signaling systems. Work outside this sphere are not covered by this license.

Application Fees

A $50.00 fee must be paid at time of application, refundable if not eligible for testing. (This covers first testing fee.) $20.00 fee to be paid to retest, payment must be made in advance.

A $100.00 fee plus $50.00 fee for a sign is required after passing examination. Annual renewal is $100.00 and there is a late renewal charge of $50.00.

Qualifications Required

The applicant shall have successfully served as a Journeyman for at least five (5) years in the electrical contracting and construction field. Trade school training may reduce the five (5) year requirement at the discretion of the Board. The applicant shall have a working knowledge of electricity, and the natural laws of electricity, appliances and devices for electric light, heat, power and signaling purposes used and required in such work, combined with a practical working knowledge of the National Electrical Code. The applicant shall demonstrate his knowledge in a written examination.