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Homeowner’s Permit

“Homeowner Electrician” shall mean and include any person who owns a single family dwelling for at least one year and resides therein in Greene County. Said license is valid for only one year and is limited to electrical work on the homeowner’s residence. Notwithstanding the above, a “Homeowner Electrician” shall not include person who constructs a residence upon a vacant building lot or replaces an entire service. 1200 Square feet maximum limit on work done.

The Homeowner must fill out an Application and send it to the Board. He/she will be requested to appear before the Board for an interview to satisfy them that he/she is qualified to do the work in question. At that time he/she will fill out an Inspection Application. Upon payment of the fee the permit will be issued.

Application Fees

The fee for Homeowner is $50.00. The permit runs for one year. The Homeowner is responsible for any inspection fees.

Qualifications Required

The Homeowner shall satisfy the Board in an interview that he/she is capable of doing the work in question.