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Rabies is a virus that affects mammals and can be fatal.  It is spread through the saliva of an infected animal, usually due to a bite.  Vaccinating your pets protects them and your family.

If your pet is bitten by a potentially rabid animal or if your animal returns to your home injured from an unknown source, contact your veterinarian to get them medical care.  Even if your pet is vaccinated, they may require a booster dose.

If you are bitten by an unfamiliar animal, wash the injury with soap and water thoroughly and seek medical attention.  If severe or bleeding is uncontrolled, call 911 immediately.

Report ALL bites to us at Greene County Public Health by calling 518-719-3600 – even if the bite was minor.

If after hours or a weekend, contact Greene County Dispatch by calling 518-622-3344 and ask for the Public Health On Call Supervisor.  We will assist you and your physician in deciding appropriate treatment.  Try to keep track of the animal that bit you – but safely!  If possible, observe the animal from a distance and report this information.

If bitten by a domestic animal that is otherwise healthy, the animal’s owner will be contacted and given instructions for confining and observing the animal for a determined amount of time.

More information on rabies can be found at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website, and the New York State Department of Health website.

Rabies clinics are scheduled throughout Greene County between the months of March – October.  

Please check here for clinic dates and locations.