Daily COVID-19 Updates

June 4, 2020


(Johns Hopkins, CDC, NYSDOH)


Greene County COVID-19 Cases
Positive Cases
Positive Cases
Positive Cases
Total DeathsPlaced on QuarantineReleased from Quarantine
299 (97*)29 (8*)270 (89*)01826506

*Residents in Adult Care Facilities

Increases in Active Cases are the direct result of community testing, as well as increased testing in long-term healthcare facilities.

Though fortunate that the increase of new positives in Greene County has slowed, it is especially important that we remember that it is the dedication of the community to their safety and the safety of others that has slowed the spread.

Don’t become complacent as the warmer weather approaches. Please continue to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and perform proper hand hygiene.

The following is clarification of what each column represents:
Positive Cases to Date – Total number of positive cases in Greene County as of today’s date
Active Positive Cases – Number of residents who tested positive and currently being followed in isolation
Resolved Positive Cases – Number of resident who tested positive and have been discharged from isolation
Hospitalized Cases – Positive cases who are currently in the hospital
Total Deaths – Number of Greene County residents who have died from COVID-19
Placed on Quarantine – Number of residents (not positive) who are being followed due to comprehensive contact tracing by GCPH

COVID-19 Deaths among Greene County Residents are primarily among the elderly and persons with pre-existing health problems.

  • Cases worldwide total 6,630,070/ total deaths 389,579/ total recovered 3,201,540
  • Cases in 213 countries and territories and 2 international conveyances
  • Sustained community spread with level 2 & 3 travel warnings
  • Travelers to these areas are at increased risk of exposure
  • USA: 1,909,779 cases / 109,409 deaths
  • New York State has 382,837 cases / 30,164 deaths
  • Greene County has 299 positive cases to date located in Windham, Durham, Greenville, Hunter, Cairo, Catskill, Athens, Coxsackie, Halcott and New Baltimore.
Greene County Residents COVID-19 Testing Update
Total Greene County Residents TestedTotal Tested Positive% of Positive Results

*Numbers provided by New York State may lag those provided by Greene County.

Greene County Public Health is taking every measure to manage exposure to County residents including monitoring people post travel and those that have been exposed. We are monitoring people in mandatory quarantine daily.

Every county requests test kits from New York State. The kits provided directly to Greene County are only a portion of the tests being administered to county residents. Residents tested outside of Greene County are included in the overall county numbers issued by New York State.

Greene County Public Health is prioritizing testing to the most vulnerable people in our community and their care givers. We have been working with Home Sweet Home, The Pines, The Elliot and the Greene County Dialysis Center to screen staff and residents/patients. Test kits have also been provided to Columbia Memorial Hospital for screening of symptomatic community residents

See the County by County COVID-19 data from NYS DOH

For general information including testing please call the Greene County Call Center at 518-635-5165 or visit our COVID-19 Response page on this website.

Please do not call the call center to register a complaint about violations of New York on PAUSE. Instead, please call the Greene County sheriff at 1-888-364-3065 or file a complaint with the state. Any complaints received by the call center will be forwarded to the sheriff.

COVID-19 Cases in Greene County

Antibody testing has been conducted by the NYS Department of Health at varying locations throughout the state, including within Greene County. There have been a total of 15,000 community tests so far. Most sites are testing 100-200 individuals at a one day event. Preliminary results have been reported regionally, with Greene County included within the Capital District. It is important to understand the meaning of antibody testing related to COVID-19. According to the New York State Department of Health a reactive test means you were infected with COVID-19 in the past and that there has been an immune response detected, while a nonreactive test means that an immune response to COVID-19 has not been detected. It is not known whether those who have been infected with COVID-19 can be infected again.


  • Get a flu vaccine
  • Wash your hands, don’t shake hands
  • Stay 6 feet away; can go outside to bike, walk. If you must wait in line, distance self
  • Practice cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Wipe high touch surfaces
  • Stay home when ill

NYS Coronavirus Hotline 1-888-364-3065