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Healthy People Partnership

A variety of cancer screenings are available through the Healthy People Partnership. Eligible men and women can receive services through this program.

Early detection of cancer is very important for successful treatment of cancer. Do not neglect yourself! Take care of your self by having recommended cancer screenings.

Services are coordinated through local partnerships. In Greene County the services are coordinated by the Columbia-Greene Healthy People Partnership, a program of the Columbia County Healthcare Consortium. If you qualify for the Healthy People Partnership you may ask to receive your services from Greene County Family Planning or from another provider who is a partner of the Healthy People Partnership.

If you are interested in services through the Healthy People Partnership give them a call at 518-822-8741. You can also click on the following link to learn more about this wonderful program. It may be helpful to you or someone you know:

This program is funded by the New York State Department of Health Cancer Services Program. Click on the following link to learn more about efforts at the State level to detect cancer early: