Disposing of Lithium Batteries | Greene GovernmentDisposing of Lithium Batteries | Greene Government

Disposing of Lithium Batteries

You’ll find Lithium batteries in just about everything today, but you don’t ever want to find them in your trash.

Lithium batteries are systematically replacing alkaline batteries because they last longer. They come in all the standard sizes and basically look the same as other batteries, but they’re not,
because if you put them in your trash, they can get hot.

Lithium-Ion batteries are rechargeable, and they’re in your smartphones, tablets, laptops and power tools. They’re also in eBikes, hoverboards, scooters and vaping devices. You can’t trash
them either. Same reason.

Fires from Lithium batteries are on the rise, so follow these steps to keep your household safe.

Look for one of these symbols on your dead batteries: 

Put those batteries in a plastic storage bag.

Store them in a refrigerator or in a cool, dry place until you can drop them off to be recycled.

Greene County Solid Waste Transfer Stations are official drop-off points for Call2Recycle.org.  So are Lowe’s, Home Depot, & Staples.