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Greene County Cultural Fund


Greene County Legislature has allocated funds to major arts and cultural organizations within Greene County and has taken an active role in the delivery of arts programs and services. Greene County continues to have a positive impact on the state of the artistic and cultural quality of life in Greene County.


The purpose of this program is to provide general operating or programmatic support to major Greene County organizations that offer quality professional services and programs of benefit to the residents of Greene County. This funding is intended to promote the development, growth, and viability of major cultural organizations. Please note: Organizations receiving funds from state and federal agencies, including the New York State Council on the Arts, should apply to this fund. Organizations applying through the NYSCA Decentralization Program may not apply to this program.

Who Can Apply:

• Organizations that have been resident in Greene County for at least two years.

• Organizations that provide regularly scheduled or full seasonal cultural programs and/or services in Greene County.

• Organizations that, generally, have annual operating budgets more than $20,000 including in-kind contributed services and goods. Please note: Previously funded organizations must have submitted a final report to be eligible for future funding. Any organization that has not submitted a final report will not be considered.


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