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Clean Energy Communities

New York State recently announced the availability of $17 million in funding and expanded high-impact actions under the state’s Clean Energy Communities program. There is currently an open enrollment Program that provides rewards and recognition for communities that demonstrate clean energy leadership. Communities that complete at least four high-impact actions are eligible to apply for grants to fund additional clean energy projects and earn the Clean Energy Communities designation.

High Impact Action items increases access to grant funding. Program participation can be customized to best fit the needs and resources of your community to foster energy savings and economic opportunities.

Earn points for eligible High Impact Actions and once a certain number of points is earned your community becomes eligible for escalating grant amounts. Once a community completes four High Impact Actions they are eligible for a $5,000 designation grant. There are also opportunities to secure grant funding through priority High Impact Actions associated with action grants. You do not need to be a designated community to access action grant funding.

According to the Capital District Regional Planning Commission municipalities across the State, including Greene County, can access match-free grants ranging from $5,000-$250,000 through the CEC Leadership Round.

To learn which actions are the best fit for your community and how to earn the most points contact the Capital District Clean Energy Communities Outreach Coordinators, Jill Henck or Tara Donadio, 518-453-0850

A recent CRPDC webinar on the Clean Energy Communities Program can be viewed from the Capital District Regional Planning Commission: