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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I find information on land use and zoning for a municipality?

The best source for current information on local land use and zoning laws is the local municipality. Some municipalities have copies of their comprehensive plan and zoning laws posted on their websites. For others, contact the town or village clerk of the
municipality directly.
Information on additional permits required to start a business in New York State and online permit assistance is available at

Q. How do I obtain training to meet New York State planning or zoning board requirements?

Greene County Planning and Economic Development partners with the NYS Department of State and nearby counties to provide training, with events held in the spring and fall. In addition, information on training requirements and training programs is available from several other sources, including the New York Planning Federation and Department of State.

Quick Links

New York State Department of State
New York Planning Federation
NYS Association of County Planning Directors

Q. How do I place a piece of property in an Agricultural District?

Each year, there is a 30-day review period in September when landowners can request to have land included in Greene County’s Agricultural District. Contact Greene County Planning and Economic Development for more information and to obtain request for inclusion forms.