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General Services


Each course of treatment begins with a thorough evaluation with one of the Center’s staff to clearly and quickly define the problem and determine a course of treatment.  For children, this begins with an intake appointment that can be scheduled by calling 518-622-9163.  For adults, this beings by walking into our Open Access Clinic hours between 9:00 – 11:00 am on Monday – Thursday.  For Adults, no appointments are necessary for an intake.   Once you have been seen, we will determine the most appropriate level of service and let you know when you can expect to start treatment.

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If it is determined at the evaluation that counseling is recommended, you will be assigned to a clinician who will begin to meet with you regularly to address your symptoms and work with you on your problems.  Counseling is the primary service that we offer here at GCMHC.

Specialized Services:

Sometimes, additional services are recommended in addition to counseling.  Many times this includes medication management by one of our psychiatrists or nurse practitioners.  Greene County Mental Health Center also offers other services such as case management to help provide the comprehensive care that one needs to aid in their recovery.


Center staff is available to consult with other human service agencies; primary care physicians, public school personnel and other professionals who work with people to assist them in any way related to mental health issues.

Emergency On-Call:

If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency after normal clinic hours, call 518-622-3344 and ask to speak to the Mental Health On-Call Worker.


Adult Housing & Care Management Single Point of Access (SPOA):

The purpose of the Greene County Single Point of Access (SPOA) is to assist individuals, family members and service providers in connecting adults to mental health services in the community.  SPOA has established a uniform referral process for receiving and evaluating the referrals by utilizing a committee comprised of a broad range of representatives from services providers in Greene County.  Through this review process, SPOA assists in identifying appropriate services, linkage and referral to recovery-oriented services for vulnerable and at-risk individuals in the community. Committee members include representatives from the Mental Health Association of Columbia and Greene Counties, Greene County Mental Health Center, Greene County Adult Protective Services, Greene County Department of Social Services, PROS Greene, etc.

How to Make A Referral to Adult SPOA

Heather Buffa, RN MSN, SPOA Coordinator
Phone: 518.622.9163, ext 7150
Fax: 518.622.8592


Children & Families Single Point of Access (SPOA):

The Single Point of Access (SPOA) process brings representatives from important county service providers together with families to provide support and assistance to families with children in distress. The primary goals of SPOA is to 1) maintain children in the community and reduce out of home placement, 2) help transition children in placement back into the community and 3) increase access to community resources. These goals are accomplished by connecting children and their families to mental health resources, case management services, parent advocates, and social service prevention programs, to name a few.

How to Make a Referral to Children & Families SPOA

Heather Buffa, RN MSN, SPOA Coordinator
Phone: 518.622.9163, ext 7150
Fax: 518.622.8592


Other Services:

Crisis Evaluation and Intervention

Group Psychotherapy

Family Treatment

School-Based Mental Health Treatment
(Cairo-Durham, Windham-Ashland Jewett, Hunter-Tannersville, Coxsackie Athens MS/HS)

Coordination and Treatment for Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Clients

Treatment in Select Primary Care Provider’s Offices
(Windham Medical Care, Coxsackie Medical Care, Jefferson Hts. Family Care)

Parent Peer Partner Services

Youth Power Group