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Accessing Mental Health Services in Greene County

Who May Use the Center?
As a public agency supported by your county and state taxes, any resident of Greene County may use the services of the Center.

All insurance is accepted based on the Center’s ability to contract with the insurance vendor. For uninsured individuals, a sliding fee schedule is followed based on the individual/family’s income. Click here for Insurance/Fee Information

Hours of Operation:
M,W,F 9am-5pm
Tu & Th 9am-7pm

Open Access Hours:  M, W, Th  9am-11am


Getting Started at Greene County Mental Health Center

For Adults:
If you are an adult seeking services, please call us at (518) 622-9163 and press the option to schedule an appointment with Open Access.  Appointments will be given for Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday between 9:00 – 11:00 am.

For Children :
If you are seeking services for a person under 17 years of age, please call 518-622-9163 to schedule an initial evaluation.

Please note:  For children 17 years and younger, a parent with legal rights and/or legal guardian must accompany the child for the intake. (exceptions may be made in special cases, however, staff must be consulted first).  If you cannot make your scheduled intake appointment or decide not to seek services, please call us well ahead of time. If you do not appear for your intake appointment without canceling we will re-schedule at our discretion.


Intake Documents (Face Sheet, Insurance Information, etc):
Below you will find the intake documentation that we ask you to complete before your scheduled intake appointment or your initial visit to our Open Access Clinic hours. You may download and read ahead of time and/or complete and bring with you to your appointment. You may also complete the forms when you come to the clinic if you cannot print or download at home.

At this time please do NOT mail or fax these documents to us unless specifically asked to do so by the intake coordinator

What to Expect During your Intake Appointment or Visit to Open Access Clinic Hours:
Each person will receive an evaluation with one of the center staff to clearly and quickly define the problem. Sometimes special evaluation procedures such as psychological tests, psychiatric medication evaluation, and requests for information from outside sources are necessary to complete the evaluation.