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Greene County Prevails with State of Emergency Declaration

On May 17, 2023 the Greene County Legislature declared a State of Emergency due to failed Federal Policy(ies) together with New York City’s mismanagement and/or underestimation of the impact of inviting persons without means to the city, resulting in New

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Greene County Urges Governor Not to Provide Controversial Tax Credits

Resolution No. 259-23 Resolution In Opposition To Senate Bill S6637 Regarding Amending Section 606 Of The Tax Law WHEREAS, Senate Bill S6637 has been introduced in the New York State Senate which is an act to amend Section 606 of

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Greene County Defends Local Justices from State Regulation

Resolution No. 260-23 Resolution In Opposition To New York State Senate Bill S139B & New York State Assembly Bill A1358B An Act To Amend The Uniform Justice Court Act, The Town Law And The Village Law, In Relation To Requiring

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Greene County Opposes Unnecessary Changes to Voting Schedule

Resolution No. 254-23 Resolution Urging The Governor To Veto A.4282B/S.3505B To Move Certain Local Elections To Even-Numbered Years WHEREAS, the Greene County Legislature believes that increasing participation in the election process and reducing costs of government operations is good for

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Greene County Legislature Opposes Hasty Action from NYS on Gun Control

Resolution No. 267-22 Resolution Opposing Recently Enacted New York State Senate Bill S.51001 & New York State Assembly Bill A.41001 Regulating Legally Authorized Concealed Carry Gun Permits And Banning Concealed Carry In Public As Being An Unconstitutional Attack Upon The

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Greene County Legislature’s Opposition to the NYS Climate Council’s Draft Scoping Plan

The New York State Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) was signed into law in 2019 as one of the most ambitious climate laws in the world. The law created the NYS Climate Action Council (the Council), which is

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Greene County Calls for NYS to End the Diversion of Local Tax Revenue to Fund State Responsibilities

The Greene County Legislature is joining with the New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) to call on the Governor Hochul and members of the State Assembly and Senate to end the practice of diverting local sales taxes out of

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Greene County Legislature Seeks Mask and Testing Mandate Relief for School Districts

After County Administrator Shaun Groden heard the concerns of School Superintendents for districts serving county students, Vice-Chairman Matthew Luvera issued an official request for relief from NYS requirements to Governor Kathy Hochul. The February 16th letter requests “an urgent end”

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Greene County Legislature Resolution Supports Limiting NYC Watershed Land Acquisition

In their first full session of 2022, the Greene County Legislature unanimously adopted a resolution designed to limit the ability of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to purchase more land in Greene County. Resolution 13-22 adds Greene

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