Greene County Releases Economic Development Study and Greene County Legislature Announces Investment in Infrastructure Development to Support Business Attraction and Job Growth

Greene County Releases Economic Development Study and Greene County Legislature Announces Investment in Infrastructure Development to Support Business Attraction and Job Growth

A new study of economic impact and infrastructure requirements was recently completed in partnership with the Town of Cairo, County Legislators from District 8 – Cairo, and the Greene County Economic Development Team (comprised of  the Greene County Department of Economic Development & Planning, and the Greene IDA).  This study serves as a springboard for a previous plan to attract manufacturing and distribution companies to a new 120+ acre site on the north side of the junction between NYS Routes 23 & 32, and paves the way for the next investment in a shovel-ready industrial park in the town.

This effort is part of an ongoing partnership between Greene County and the Greene IDA which has already created similar opportunities at the Greene Business and Technology Park, the Kalkberg Commerce Park, and the Exit 21 East & West Sites in Coxsackie, New Baltimore, and Catskill respectively.

“Economic Development continues to be a major priority for our county legislature” states Shaun Groden – Greene County Administrator. “Partnering with local town municipalities is the most effective way to maximize resources, and deliver positive impact to each community”.

This strategy has already proven successful as a $3 million investment in the predevelopment of utilities along US 9W created the Coxsackie Industrial Corridor attracting multiple employers including Serta Mattress, Empire Merchants North, Save-A-Lot, and Ferguson.

“Our county is set to receive significant federal funds under the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA) over the coming months” notes Patrick Linger, Chair of the Greene County Legislature.  “Our priority as legislators, is to strategically invest those funds to lay the groundwork for the continuing economic growth to the benefit of our residents and job creators.”

The county and the Industrial Development Agency (Greene IDA) will be working with the Town of Cairo, which is ultimately responsible for water & sewer extensions to the site, as well as the necessary land-use approvals. The recently completed plan included an infrastructure analysis and evaluation of multiple sites suited for economic development.  Eric Hoglund (Chair of the Greene IDA) put it best in saying “It’s all about expanding market sectors that provide good paying jobs”.

Cairo County Legislator Harry Lennon emphasized the County’s priority to support the development of an industrial park to serve the manufacturing, assembly, and warehousing market sectors. “Cairo is ideally located for this type of development,” Lennon attested. “It’s a great community, and the partnership between our Economic Development Team, Town Officials, and the Greene County Legislature is a wonderful example of local government working for the people it serves.”

The study also evaluated the town’s current water supply, and determined it is capable of supporting the needs of the new industrial park site and its users. It also identified the potential for developing new capacity from wells the town had been evaluating, as increased demand arises.

Initial engineering cost estimates are approximately $750,000 to extend water and sewer lines.  More detailed numbers will be forthcoming as the initiative progresses.  A new webpage has been created to document progress and provide public information as it becomes available.

Cairo Town Supervisor John Coyne expressly thanked county officials stating “The plan for development of a new shovel ready business park in Cairo is greatly welcomed. Both the town and county will benefit. This will not only spur job growth, but will also bring additional foot-traffic to support existing and new shops and restaurants in our downtown business district.”  

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