Advertisement for Bids – Greene County Jail Complex Demolition

Advertisement for Bids – Greene County Jail Complex Demolition

Greene County will be accepting sealed bids for the Greene County Jail Complex Demolition Project, located at 80 Bridge Street, Catskill, NY 12414. The Scope of Work includes, but is not limited to, demolition of the former County Jail Complex and Sheriff’s Building, including complete demolition and removal of the structure, foundations, remains, and debris including asbestos and hazardous materials abatement, site grading and erosion and sediment control measures. The Scope of Work also includes an additive bid for the removal and salvage of sandstone blocks to an off-site location.

Sealed bids will be received by Greene County up to 2:00pm on Thursday, August 6, 2020, and directed to the attention of Tammy Sciavillo, Clerk of the Greene County Legislature, 411 Main Street, Catskill NY 12414, at which time the bids will be opened and read aloud.

Contract Documents, including Advertisement For Bids, Information For Bidders, Labor and Employment, Additional Instructions, Bid Documents, Agreement, General Conditions, General Requirements, Specifications, Contract Drawings, and any Addenda, may be viewed and ordered online by registering with the Issuing Office at

Following registration, complete sets of Contract Documents may be downloaded from the Issuing Office’s website as “zipped” portable document format (PDF) files. The date that the Contract Documents are downloaded will be considered the Bidder’s date of receipt of the Contract Documents. Partial sets of the Contract Documents will not be available from the Issuing Office.
Each bid must be accompanied by security in an amount not less than five percentum (5%) of the amount of the bid in the form and subject to the conditions provided in the Information for Bidders. No Bidder may withdraw his bid within forty-five (45) days after the actual date of opening thereof.

All bids shall be based on the Bid Specifications contained in the project manual, and shall be contained in a sealed envelope, submitted in duplicate, and distinctly marked with the project title “FORMER GREENE COUNTY JAIL COMPLEX DEMOLITION PROJECT BID” and the bidder’s name. Bids shall be submitted on the official Bid Form, accompanied by a Certificate of Non-Collusion and other forms as required in the Bid Specifications. The contract will be awarded based upon the lowest responsible bid.

The successful Bidder will be required to comply with state prevailing wage requirements of section 220 of New York State Labor Law.

This is an exempt capital improvement project, and Bidders shall not include in their bid sales and compensating use taxes on the cost of materials which are to be incorporated into the work and which are to be separately sold by the Contractor to Greene County prior to incorporation into the work of the Contract.

A Pre-Bid Conference (Project Site Walk Through) will be held at the project site on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 at 10:00am. Attendance on the pre-bid walkthrough is not mandatory but highly encouraged to prospective bidders. No other accommodations will be made to allow potential bidders to walk-through the structures to be demolished.

Greene County reserves the right to waive any irregularities or informalities in the bid forms or during the bidding procedures and to reject any and/or all bids.

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