Proposed Jail Project


The existing Greene County Jail is located on Bridge Street in the Village of Catskill behind the Greene County Courthouse. The oldest part of the Jail is over 100 years old, built in 1905, and is well past its useful life. Greene County has been dealing with structural, capacity and operational challenges of the Jail for decades. Following an engineering analysis performed by a structural engineer, on April 20, 2018 the Greene County Jail was officially closed, as it was determined to be structurally unsound.  All inmates were transferred to jails in surrounding counties. The Jail remains in use for inmate processing only. At the time of the closing, the Jail contained 56 beds, however, only 40 of the beds were currently approved for use by the NYS Commission on Corrections. Additionally, 12 of the 40 beds were closed for maintenance, effectively leaving 28 beds in operation.

Historically, the Average Daily Population (ADP) has fluctuated over the last nine years with mid-ranges of ADP’s in the 60’s during 2008-2009; high-ranges in the 70’s to 80’s during 2010-2015; a return to the mid-range at 60 in 2016; with the lowest range occurring at 42 in 2017; and currently in the first quarter of 2018 tracking at an ADP of 50. Starting in 2016, the ADP has dropped, and so has the lows and highs of daily inmates. The largest daily peaks occurred between 2009 through 2015 with inmate populations in the 80-100 range. In 2017 and 2018 the daily inmate peaks are tracking in the 50’s. It costs Greene County approximately $75 per day, per inmate, to board out prisoners, costing the county over the last several years of operation an annual cost of between $500,000 to $1,100,000.   

Greene County is now in the position of having to expand the jail capacity through construction of a new facility. A site has been chosen on State Route 9W in Coxsackie, NY adjacent to the Greene and Coxsackie State Correctional Facilities. The State of New York donated 50 acres of land to Greene County with approximately 32 acres to be utilized for the construction of the Jail. The project is currently defined as the construction of a 80 bed Jail, consisting of 62 beds for both male and female general population inmates, 52 for males and 10 for females.  There are 2 PODS for males housing a total of 64 beds, with 52 general and 12 transitional. There is 1 POD for females housing a total of 16 beds, with 10 general and 6 transitional. Transitional beds are designed to house multiple classifications of inmates, including: new intakes, pre-medical clearance, protective custody, discipline and special management. At this time it is estimated that the Jail will account for 78,653 square feet including administrative and operational spaces for the County Sheriff’s Office and a multiple bay vehicle and storage garage.

The Greene County Legislature has selected SMRT Architects and Engineers, P.C., with offices in Latham, NY as the Architectural and Engineering firm for the project. The Pike Company, with offices in Rochester, NY has been selected by Greene County to perform construction management and inspection services. The County has also selected as part of its professional consulting team, Delaware Engineering, D.P.C with offices in Albany NY, to perform civil engineering, permitting and other related services.  


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Original Jail Task Force

  • William Lawrence – Chair – Legislator, Cairo
  • Kevin Lewis – Legislator, Greenville
  • James Hitchcock – Legislator, Prattsville, Ashland, Windham, Jewett
  • James Van Slyke – Legislator, New Baltimore
  • Vincent Seeley – Legislator, Catskill
  • Kevin Lennon – Legislator, Catskill
  • William Deluca – Columbia-Greene Community College
  • Richard Roberg – Judge, Coxsackie
  • Stacey Post – Windham Supervisor
  • Joe Iracci – Athens Supervisor
  • Charles Bucca – Acting District Attorney
  • Lisa Grasse – Probation Officer
  • Mike Spitz – Jail Superintendent
  • Joe Kozloski – Legislator, Catskill
  • Eugene Hatton – Legislator, Athens
  • Joe Stanzione – District Attorney
  • Jay Lucas – Sheriff’s Deputy

Special Jail Task Force Committees

Programming Committee

The Programming Committee studied the types of programs that could or would be offered to inmates, both short and long term in the new facility. The work of this Committee lead to inclusion of classrooms for educational and training programs and services.  

  • Lori Torgersen
  • Bill DeLuca
  • Matt Luvera
  • Linda Overbaugh
  • Lisa Grasse
  • Tom Hobart
  • Beth Schuster
  • Maggie Graham
  • Mike Spitz
  • Shaun Groden

Construction Committee

The Construction Committee was charged with examining construction options, including: layout, function, and building materials. This Committee also evaluated Requests For Proposals and made the recommendation to select The Pike Company as the Construction Manager for the project.

  • Kevin Lewis
  • Joe Kozloski
  • Kevin Lennon
  • Patrick Linger
  • Jay Lucas
  • Mike Spitz
  • Mike Bulich
  • Peter Kusminsky
  • Mike Overbaugh
  • Chris Miller
  • Bruce Haeussler
  • Shaun Groden

Finance Committee

This committee would be in place to review costs and appropriations as well as oversee decisions on change orders in concert with the Construction Manager.

  • Kevin Lewis
  • Kevin Lennon
  • Jay Lucas
  • Peter Markou
  • Joe Kozloski
  • Mike Spitz
  • Shaun Groden