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Lyme and Tickborne Diseases

Lyme disease, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichiosis are all infections are caused by the bite of an infected tick.

Symptoms of Lyme Disease usually occur between 3 and 30 days after the bite.  The most common symptom is a red circular “bull’s-eye” rash.  Click here for more information on Lyme Disease.

Babesiosis doesn’t always have symptoms, but if symptoms do develop, they are flu-like and begin about a week after the tick bite occurred.  Click here for more information on Babesiosis.

Ehrlichiosis can present with flu-like symptoms, confusion, and red eyes.  Symptoms usually start 1-2 weeks after the tick bite.  Click here for more information on Ehrlichiosis.

To safely remove a tick:  Grasp the tick with fine point tweezers as close as possible to the skin.  Be careful not to squeeze, crush, or puncture the body of the tick, which may contain infectious fluids.  After removing the tick, thoroughly disinfect the bite site and wash your hands.  Do not attempt to remove the tick by using petroleum jelly, lit cigarettes, or other home remedies because these may actually increase the chance of contracting a tick-borne disease.  Watch this video on proper tick removal.

For more information, call Greene County Public Health Department at 518-719-3600.