Services for Men

Greene County Family Planning is pleased to offer services to men. Walk-ins are Welcome!

Many men, especially those without insurance, do not have an annual physical. The male initial visit may be the first visit to our department or a man may have been here for HIV or sexually transmitted infection testing and found out that he could have a complete physical examination.

  • Please come to your appointment 30 minutes before your appointment time.
  • If you have insurance please bring your card and your co-pay.
  • If you do not have any insurance including Medicaid please click on the following link which gives information about the Family Planning Benefit Program- a confidential Medicaid program. This program does have income requirements but eligibility is based only on the individual’s income not family income. Click here for more information on the Family Planning Benefit Program.
  • Make sure you tell us a way for us to contact you. It can be a cell phone or someone else’s cell phone if that is more convenient for you. Mail is also acceptable.
  • Please bring a list of all medications including any herbal products you might use.


The male services guidelines are as follows:

Family planning clinics also may be an important source of reproductive health care for male clients. Physical examination should be made available to male clients, including height and weight, examination of the thyroid, heart, lungs, breasts, abdomen, extremities, genitals and rectum.

Clients will be provided information and counseled on issues of tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use and offered information on local resources appropriate to issue.

Other counseling is offered including but not limited to domestic violence issues, child abuse, sexual assault, depression or suicidal feelings, obesity, nutrition and exercise.

Referrals to the appropriate physician of client’s choice will be made for abnormalities.

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Men’s Health Resources

  • General Information about male health:
    The National Institutes of Health
  • General information about male sexual health:
    The National Institutes of Health
  • The male reproductive system: an interactive diagram and a clickable list of health topics “Get to Know Your Body”.
    From the National Institutes of Health
  • Facts About testicular Cancer:
    From the National Institutes of Health
    From the National Cancer Institute
    From the American Cancer Society
  • Facts About Prostate Cancer:
    From the National Cancer Institute.
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  • Facts About Male Breast Cancer:
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